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AppFog - Public Cloud Native Application PaaS

Work on Code, Not Infrastructure Management

AppFog, CenturyLink's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry, enables developers to focus on writing great cloud-based applications without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. The result is increased agility and productivity, more efficient use of resources and low operational overhead.

Instead of spending time provisioning servers, setting up databases, configuring web servers or updating firewalls, AppFog users simply deploy their cloud-native applications to a blazingly fast, resilient, multi-region PaaS. AppFog supports the most popular runtimes and frameworks, automatic load balancing, easy-to-use application scaling and more. Platform-as-a-Service promises huge benefits to developers who require accelerated time-to-market to meet today’s market demands, and AppFog delivers.

Application Runtimes

  • Go
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

AppFog is Open & Portable

Based on Cloud Foundry, AppFog is Cloud Foundry Core compatible, which means that you can confidently migrate your applications from any other Cloud Foundry provider.

Add-On Services for AppFog PaaS

AppFog makes integrating services into your applications easy. Provision an Orchestrate database instance or deploy our Relational DB Service (RDBS) in seconds. You may also use Cloud Foundry's User Provided Service capability to integrate with 3rd party services services such as databases, messaging services and key-value stores.

12-Factor Apps Made Easy

With AppFog, it’s easy to adhere to next-generation application architectures such as 12-Factor Apps. Many key design principles are already built-in to the AppFog PaaS, freeing you to focus on creating value for your customer or delivering productivity for your organization.

Use Cases

AppFog is a developer-focused Platform-as-a-Service that facilitates agile software development and removes barriers that slow innovation. The service solves a variety of fundamental problems facing developers today, and is ideal for many common enterprise workloads. Consider these four use cases for AppFog:

AppFog lets you focus on application development, instead of hardware
Focus on Your Apps, Not Your Hardware

Enterprise data centers are bursting at the seams with key applications that were custom built for different business units. Many of these legacy applications are still business-critical, but sit on underutilized, dedicated on-premises hardware that wastes space and money. By migrating these applications to AppFog on CenturyLink Cloud, customers can take advantage of multi-tenancy and achieve significant cost savings while not sacrificing the uptime or reliability of these critical applications.

Deploy temporary applications with AppFog PaaS in seconds
Temporary Applications

As the speed of business continues to increase, innovation and entrepreneurship is highly valued, and the pressure is on IT to deliver software and solutions even faster. Traditional means of deploying software to dedicated servers makes it difficult to rapidly prototype solutions or quickly publish temporary or seasonal applications. By its very nature as a PaaS, applications can be deployed to AppFog in seconds. Once enabled on CenturyLink Cloud, these apps inherently have the enterprise-grade support needed for reliable, global applications that may be online for days, months or years.

Develop and deploy Modern, Cloud-Native Applications with AppFog PaaS
Modern, Cloud-Native Applications

In addition to migrating existing business applications to the cloud, enterprises are increasingly looking to cloud services for hosting new, modern, cloud-native applications. AppFog is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service that encourages rapid delivery of cloud-native applications. Specifically, AppFog PaaS gives developers their choice of programming languages to build and deploy applications on the most popular runtimes, including Go, Java and Node.js.

AppFog PaaS easily hosts multiple public-facing web properties
Web Applications

Each AppFog application receives a unique URL which can be mapped to a custom domain, enabling the PaaS to host numerous public-facing web properties. Thanks to AppFog's support for the most popular web application runtimes, it can host a diverse range of public websites while providing the deep performance that enterprise IT customers demand.

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