Storage and Backup Options for Every Enterprise Scenario

Our SAN-based storage features built-in disaster recovery and achieves a minimum of 2,500 IOPS and up to 20,000 IOPS, with less than 5ms latency.

What is Block Storage?

Like any computing, the primary pillars driving Cloud Computing is a combination of CPU, memory, networking, and storage. Most Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) platforms, like CenturyLink Cloud, provide two storage solutions, Block & Object. Understanding the differences between these two formats is critical when designing an overall IaaS or Storage Solution.

Block Storage Solutions provide fixed-sized raw storage capacity. Each block storage node can be treated as an independent drive & controlled by an external or attached server. Generally, each node can be mounted by the server as if it were a physical dirve. The most common examples of Block Storage are SAN, iSCSI, and local disks. However, IaaS providers highly-available, fault-tolerant & redundant options that are becoming much more popular given their relatively low cost & ability to avoid the capital expenditure associated with acquiring, building & maintaining the infrastructure internally.


UP TO 20,000 IOPS

High Performance When You Need It

With storage options supporting up to 20,000 IOPS, your applications will run at peak speed (using a 4k block size).


Built-In Automated Disaster Recovery

Each Cloud Server can be configured with Premium storage, offering 14 days of rolling disaster recovery, or Standard, which provides 5 days.

Cloud Server Snapshots

One-Click Access To Admin Options

Create ad-hoc snapshots, templates and archive VMs from within the CenturyLink Cloud Control Portal.

Self Service Disaster Recovery Options

Resize Disks On The Fly, Or Add Storage Disks Over Time

Increase disk space or add additional storage disks to existing servers through the Control Portal. For servers that require more storage over time, adding more space is simple.

Use Cases

Ultimate Flexibility

CenturyLink’s approach to cloud storage offers more flexibility in a number of dimensions. Decide what type of storage each scenario requires, and then specify the type of automated DR/BC that’s needed to support the use case. You aren't tied into a predefined scheme of “small”, “medium” or “large” instances.

Premium Storage for High I/O Access and Data Retention

Demanding application components (such as the data store of your database) require high I/O to deliver a compelling user experience. CenturyLink’s product catalog includes these high-end options for exactly this reason.

Dynamically Adjust Disk Size As Required

The storage requirements for any virtual machine are never static. As business needs change, the storage attributes of a deployed VM are likely to change as well. CenturyLink empowers you to do this on your own, as required.

Consider Block Storage when...

  • It is ideal for databases given their need for DB consistent I/O performance and low-latency connectivity
  • Any application which requires server side processing, like Java, PHP, and .Net can use block storage
  • Synchronizing files between servers
  • You require data to be separated into a high-speed, centralized storage cluster with built-in redundancy
  • You require the ability to quickly download, edit and save documents/files to your storage solutions (Word Processing document for instance)
Resource monthly
Block Storage w/ Standard Backup

Persistent storage (single data center, 5 days of snapshot backup). Price per GB.

$0.15 / GB
Block Storage w/ Premium Backup

Persistent storage (single data center, 14 days of snapshot backup). Price per GB.

$0.50 / GB

Resources charged based on allocation, monthly estimates based on 720 hours. Storage can be archived at a lower rate.

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