Hyperscale Servers

Breakthrough performance for data & web scale architectures. Lightning-quick, 100% flash storage servers designed for Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase, and more.

Running enterprise apps securely and reliably 24x7 is what CenturyLink Cloud does really well. But for certain workloads and scenarios, a new level of performance is required.

Meet Hyperscale – an instance type that is designed for distributed workloads that require maximum performance. Hyperscale offers the same top-tier CPU and RAM performance found in our standard servers – and adds 100% flash storage.

That means you can expect at least 15,000 IOPS to turbo-charge applications. Best of all, Hyperscale instances can be deployed and administered using the same cloud management functions (like Blueprints and Groups) available in the platform today. And you can size them to any combination of compute and storage.


Hyperscale Servers Anti-Affinity Polices

Persistent, 100% Flash Storage

Hyperscale provides high performance SSD local storage, up to 1 terabyte total per server. Expect a minimum of 15,000 IOPS, with maximum IOPS spiking much higher.

Hyperscale Cloud Servers

Custom Sizes

Just like our Cloud Servers, size Hyperscale instances to your own specs, with any combination of compute, memory, storage, and operating system.

Hyperscale Server Workloads

Anti-Affinity Policies

Anti-affinity policies make it possible to spread workloads across physical hosts, which is especially useful for Hyperscale servers that rely on local storage without integrated backup.

Get Notified of Usage Spikes

Get Notified Of Usage Spikes

Create CPU, memory or storage alert policies, apply them to servers, and consume alerts in 3 key ways—email, webhook, or through visual indicators in the Control Portal interface.

Scheduled Server Tasks

Set And Forget It With Scheduled Tasks

With scheduled tasks, automate and coordinate maintenance activities, turn off developer machines over the weekend, or automatically delete or archive servers at the end of a project.

Easily Perform Power Operations

Easily Perform Power Operations

Access and control your server's status via a simple power menu.

Hyperscale instances are ideal for applications running:

Hyperscale Cloud Applications


How does a Hyperscale Server differ from a Standard Server? Here's how.

CenturyLink Cloud Instances Hyperscale Instances
Recommended Workloads Enterprise apps, legacy apps, new cloud apps, mainstream web apps NoSQL workloads, distributed systems, big data jobs, and other web applications that require high performance.
Storage Technology Hybrid of spindle & flash Flash
Typical Storage Performance At least 2,500 IOPS At least 15,000 IOPS
Backups 5 days / 14 days Hyperscale servers do not include the automatic backup function found in Cloud Servers. This is largely because Hyperscale is designed for distributed apps that don’t typically deal with backups.
Geography Global Federated Data Centers Global Federated Data Centers
Cloud Management Capabilities Included Included
Snapshots, Clone, Convert to Template and Archive Included Not Available


Resource hourly monthly
Virtual CPU for Hyperscale

2 Ghz+ Processor (up to 16 CPU)

$0.01 $7.20
Virtual RAM for Hyperscale

1 GB (up to 128 GB)

$0.015 $10.80
Block Storage for Hyperscale

Persistent high performance storage. SSD based storage with sustained rates of 15k IOPS. Price per GB.

$0.0005 $0.36

Resources charged hourly, monthly estimates based on 720 hours. Does not include operating system/software licensing.

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