Cloud Resource Alerts & Monitoring

Monitor resource usage and get notified before performance is compromised

CenturyLink Cloud Cloud Resource Alerts & Monitoring

Built-in monitors track CPU, memory and disk usage activity over time from your CenturyLink Cloud Servers at no additional charge.

Alerts may be set on any metrics to send you notifications via email, webhook, or through visual indicators in the Control Portal.

Use Cases

Accurate Alerts When It Really Matters

Other cloud computing monitoring options can leave something to be desired – especially when alerts occur and there’s really nothing wrong. With powerful customization options, cloud monitoring from CenturyLink Cloud gives you the power to set thresholds that are likely to be more meaningful – so your cloud deployment doesn’t “cry wolf.” After all, you know your app the best. Shouldn’t you have the power to monitor it the way you want to?

Complement Other Monitoring Solutions

If you already use monitoring, our cloud monitoring fits right in. You don’t need to perform any extra steps (like installing agents or extra software on each virtual server). Cloud Monitoring with CenturyLink is native to each cloud server in your deployment.

Standard Cloud Monitoring—Compute, Network, and Storage

Alerts and thresholds that notify users when cloud resources exceed specified limits.


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