Multiple VPN Options to Securely Access Our Global Cloud Platform

Protect your data across the public Internet with desktop virtual private network (VPN) software via a self-service, persistent network-to-network tunnel

Client VPN Services at No Extra Charge

Each account gets its own isolated client virtual private network at no charge, and users can manage their VPN settings (e.g. maximum number of connections, Microsoft Active Directory configuration options) and server.

Client-Based VPN with Certificate-based Authentication

Client virtual private network is based on OpenVPN and authenticates users with certificates. Two-factor authentication is available for customers with Windows Active Directory as their user repository.

Self-Service IPsec Point-to-Point Tunnels

IPsec offers the ability to create persistent, secure tunnels across a public network. The CenturyLink Cloud supports connections between networks (“gateway to gateway”) as well as connections between users on untrusted networks and their secure applications ("host to gateway"). Users can quickly provision a site to site VPN via the self-service Control Portal.

High Performance Throughput

IPsec Point-to-Point tunnels support up to 10 Gbps, while client VPN support to up to 1Gbps.

Use Cases

Remote Access

Remote users who need access to applications running on the CenturyLink Cloud platform. These users can run the OpenVPN client software on a variety of operating systems.

Extend Networks

Use IPsec to extend customer networks to the CenturyLink Cloud platform without requiring client software.

Deployment Management

Deploy backend systems to the CenturyLink Cloud platform while presenting a single network for end users to access.

VPN Connection

Site-to-Site VPN Connection (Does not include bandwidth.)

$45 / month

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