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About Us

Introducing New Systems, the evolution of Sifeks, a pioneering company with roots tracing back to the 1990s. With a long history of managing PBX systems for military and special forces, as well as flight control operations, our legacy spans across the Balkan region, serving numerous private and state-owned enterprises. Today, we've shifted our focus to the forefront of financial technology, offering innovative solutions like ABC Pay and EVO (Enterprise Virtual Office). With a deep understanding of telecommunications and a commitment to excellence, we're dedicated to embedding communication seamlessly into enterprise processes, delivering unparalleled value to our customers. Our track record speaks volumes, with over 20,000 installed and maintained ports, showcasing our unwavering dedication and professionalism.

Fintech Integration

Elevate your business with our tailored fintech integration for streamlined financial processes.

Communcation Solutions

Revolutionize connectivity with our state-of-the-art unified communication platforms.

Maintenance Excellence

Ensure reliability and longevity with our 24/7 maintenance support, keeping your systems at peak performance.