Enterprise Virtual Office

Seamless Registration and Performance Optimization with EVO

Effortless Onboarding

Register for EVO with just your email and start using your new desktop within 2 minutes, eliminating the hassle of lengthy setup processes.

No Technical Experience Needed

Choose your package with a single click, as EVO's automated system handles all technical configurations, sparing users from having to understand complex specifications.

Immediate Accessability

Unlike competitors like Azure and Citrix, where setup can take hours or even days, EVO grants instant access to your virtual office, ensuring productivity from the get-go.

Powerful yet simple

AI-Powered Performance

EVO's integrated AI algorithm dynamically adjusts resources to match your workload, providing optimal performance without any manual intervention required.

Cost-Efficient Solution

With a low monthly subscription fee of only 25€, EVO offers unlimited usage with full Windows licensing, making it a cost-effective choice compared to other platforms.


Stay ahead of the curve with EVO's forward-thinking approach to virtual office solutions, combining simplicity, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology for a seamless user experience.

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